The greatest “social justice warrior” in the history of the West is perhaps St. Paul. And the reason why Paul’s words are so powerful regarding equality and justice is because Paul was very much in touch with his own corruption and violence; he knew very well his own weaknesses and his blind spots, thus his words carry so much potent spiritual power.

The Twitter social justice warrior in our present moment, on the far contrary, not only speaks from a place of subjective innocence the majority of the time, but also from an objective, pseudo-scientific viewpoint that draws on the contingent wisdom found in popular sociological texts of the moment.

The lesson from Paul is that a true “social justice warrior” is a person who wants justice precisely because he or she knows very well how profoundly unjust he or she is capable of being.

writer, filmmaker, cultural theorist / author of 15 books and writer/director of 3 films.

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