Social implosion and spiritual awakening

American society is rapidly becoming un-glued, the “social fabric” that links society through a series of normative practices, legal contracts, and perhaps most importantly — the basic set of manners and minimal public decorum that our parents taught us when we were little children are all in the process of becoming increasingly powerless and irrelevant.

The Silicon Valley dream of “connecting global society” through the immersion of billions of human beings into a web of capitalist networks has backfired in the most spectacular way.

Depression and hopelessness are socialized, profits and desire are privatized; and the weakening of our public and cultural anti-bodies opens us up not just to biological viruses like COVID, but to socioeconomic viruses as well in the form of mass civil unrest, systemic unemployment, and algorithmic overdetermination.

The old model is dead and dying, and the idea that there can be a “return to normalcy” is comically naive when facing the computational-capitalist power that now structures global society.

There has to be some kind of collective spiritual awakening, coupled with a political-economic critique of neoliberal globalization, so we can see our cosmic predicament clearly.

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