The political divide in America is both irreconcilable and irreversible. There will be no integration of opposites between MAGA and the discourse of woke politics; there will be no coming to terms between Trump and the Democratic establishment. To think even for a moment that measured deliberation or a rational political process coupled with the help of science can address this existential divide, this rapidly metastasizing political-mimetic crisis, is itself a highly irrational position.

But yet, somehow, it will be resolved — and quite possibly sooner than we think. How it will happen, and what it will look like after, we cannot and do not know. But anyone with reasonable intuition and insight into the state of the world can sense that the dam that holds back society from decomposing is now in the process of cracking open. And of course the dam is simply the institutions, technologies, and socioeconomic structures that prevent open violence between human beings.

We live in a very fluid and unstable time. And perhaps the true paradox of our age is that there are major forces and actors on this planet that want nothing more than to make that instability and fluidity permanent.

But as Peter Thiel (of all people) says in his truly remarkable essay in the collection Politics and Apocalypse,

“… the modern age will not be permanent, and ultimately will give way to something very different. One must never forget that one day all will be revealed, that all injustices will be exposed, and that those who perpetrated them will be held to account.” (1)

  1. Politics and Apocalypse (Studies in Violence, Mimesis, & Culture) (p. 214). Michigan State University Press. Kindle Edition.

writer, filmmaker, cultural theorist / author of 15 books and writer/director of 3 films.

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