In one of my books I named the four major ideological centers in America that now structure global capitalism in its current state, briefly:

1. Wall Street: zero point of capital

2. Silicon Valley: creator of the networks that facilitates desire and capital to move and accelerate

3. Madison Avenue: mediator of the Other’s desire

4. Hollywood: construction of the fantasy frame by which we are permitted to experience social reality

It is undeniable that all four of these power centers overwhelmingly support Joe Biden; it is also undeniable that they despise Donald Trump even as Trump signifies the repressed element of all four of these power centers at the precise same time.

This is not some round about defense of Trump, a surreptitious way to support the President, I am sincerely asking a question:

If, as the Democrats claim, Trump is an obscene representation of the billionaire class and all of the corruption that goes along with it as he seduces the American working class to go along for the ride; and yet in actual fact the billionaire class and the entire system of neoliberal power overwhelmingly supports Joe Biden, where does that leave us in terms of an actual understanding of contemporary American life and the forces that shape it?

Whatever the answer is, I can tell you it is not very good.

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